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Ringing of the Bards #11

The Ringing of the Bards poetry carnival organized by Billy. The project is a way for poets to be exposed to other poets to enjoy. Billy also runs as a way to promote ourselves. Check out the link to find out how and where to nominate as a web resource.

Below are 2 collage (cut up) poems of hyperlinked lines. The lines come from the poems sent in for the 11th edition of Ringing of the Bards. Although each line is a clipping, it was too hard to read with underlines so just a phrase from each line was made the link.

Examining Yesterday

Solid gray, dancing though
the plaid of mullions on the ceiling

in your dreams you might believe that
replete with flattering admirations
you’ve dealt democracy so many blows
to echo through each lighted rafter.

How were you to know that
then: you stopped dead in your tracks
burnished fallen blushes

Not You, Alone

You oft behave as if your word’s the gospel.
it scrolls across the sheet.

at wee a.m. under the delusive grip
in its own climate
when despair brings you to wine in the darkness

frozen by the words that sneaked
amongst the pithy

Soon, gentle paces, muffled footstep
people really come together.


The Ballad of Joementum Joe Lieberman is set to the tune of Danny Boy by Madeleine at MadKane

Enshrining Autumn is available from Keith at When I Wax

Fable is from Nadia’s journal It’s Clever but is it art?

Funeral of an Artist (One-Man Show) was posted recently by Danny at Diary of Silence

Logic circussing, surfacing was posted by Pearl at Poetry Springs Boing

Medley by Bob is at AveragePoet

Sum by Tree is hosted at Tree Riesener (Tree also has a chapbook for sale.)

What Happened is by Katy at somethingkaty

Writer’s Pencil by Jo is at Jo Janoski’s blog

I hope you enjoyed the journey from Canada. Next week’s host will be Russell Ragsdale of Yuckelbel’s Canon in Kazakhstan.

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  1. Great job

    Great job. Thanks so much for including me.
    Mad Kane

    AnonymousSeptember 2, 2006 @ 11:58 pm
  2. thanks for a job well done

    Congrats! Thanks to you and those who’ve gone before you, the circus just keeps getting better. Well done.

    AnonymousSeptember 3, 2006 @ 3:13 am
  3. Wonderful! You’ve kept the spirit of the Carnival going on.

    (Apologies that I was simply too late, Pearl)


    AnonymousSeptember 3, 2006 @ 9:33 am
  4. Well Done

    The bards never cease to amaze me– your creativity and skill in building these linking collage poems is no exception. Thanks for hosting.

    AnonymousSeptember 3, 2006 @ 12:03 pm
  5. Thanks!

    Thanks for a wonderful Carnival!

  6. Great Job

    Hi Pearl, thanks for your time and energy this week hosting the ringing. I love the way you laid it out, very nice! Well I have some reading to do now, take care,


    AnonymousSeptember 4, 2006 @ 12:46 pm
  7. A unique presentation of poems; a tapestry of emotions and passions. Well done and more power.

    Diary of Silence

    AnonymousSeptember 5, 2006 @ 2:33 am

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