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Word Chain umpteen 8

if you got it, flaunt, flout, pout, shout to spigots, spout to jiggers, joust,
go for a jaunt, jauntily rakish, gaunt, if you want, is wont,
won’t be spoken to that way, spork up,
sparking days, uncorked bubbly haze, level gaze, clerk, shirk, shuck off, tick off sherlock,
her locket pocketed, talk it down, take it down a notch sprocket, clock it, now ring your clock,
or is it clean your clock, more for show, mofo blow, follow, hollow, tallow, tail,
swallowtail, dive, angular,
shave jawline defined by what o’clock


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2 Responses

  1. Jiggers? shuck off? hahaha this was a good one

    how could you say clock and not cock? hmmmm

  2. Seems to be a narrowly averted sexual theme in my writings of late. lol.

    Jiggers as a peculiarly varied word, a man, a drink, a lure, a thingamabob. I think people just like the sound.

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