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hard to think in public

sidelong facial tick of jaw click
sidewalk’s repeating     clusters
faster than us also want snatches
of what’ll finally be
   rung and brung to lip
pits of fruit pressed   tongued

strained       in/de
cisions, ideological
surgery, tumor row
for shore, dead reckon for safe
sugary diplomatic debates
d/el(u/i/)sions park poignant
pointed out of the room
coup de pouce you’re getting what
you’re being, it’s cold with a capital f

banging snow off wet shoes
snowstorm pressed to the glass
coat off shoulders the diamonds of melt
central heat reaches     cling shirt
nipple’s muscles haven’t forgotten out
sides contour in cadence scent stronger
hand warmth cupped shoulder blades
sheathed rocking embrace of chests

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  1. this one has great internal rhythm.
    i enjoyed it.

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