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Long-time ago fellow from IWW Poetry-W poet friend, Scott Speck wrote a poem about me.

And over at the Bear Parade is online chapbooks? a pdf published magazine?

Not sure what it is but Matthew Rohrer‘s poem is characteristically quirky, fragmentary of the surreal meeting the daily, or for a second sample, this from Touch my Omelet by Michael Earl Craig.

They don’t corral the reader into a requisite response. As any man (say one in Bali who cleans a hall and brings home pay and eats his meal savoring textures while his mind goes to the angle of light, the tasks behind and ahead) is to the Christ and Anti-Christ, Faithful and Minister, so are these to Slam Poetry or Page Poetry or Visual and Sound Poetry.

P.S. For those who follow my statistics, I did my quarterly update of writing rate data, now in year 14. Egad.

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