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Poetry roundabouts here and there

Part of the the scream lit fest in Toronto has a quirky fun write-up. Needs someone with a ghettoblaster of Lorne Green for soundtrack. [Probably just dated myself with that sentence didn’t I?]


Saturday JULY 7th, 12 Noon
Begins at Coach House Press 401A Huron St
Free, Donations Welcome

Join seasoned poetologists Nadia Halim and Steve Venright on a field trip through Toronto’s Annex ecosystem as they observe the distinctive vocalizations, social behaviour, foraging habits, and mating rituals of various species of poet. Participants are encouraged to bring binoculars, cameras, and other recording devices. Many Scream events feature well-known poets in captivity. This event offers you the rare opportunity to observe wild poets in their natural habitats!

Jackdaw’s nest has poems that caught the eye of the poetry reader. Updated with a new slew monthly, some familiar poems, some familiar poets, some new. Elsewhere the discussion forum debates Susan Howe’s language poetry and P. Inman’s.

In other news [via IWW] Scott Wiggerman is taking order on the 2008 Texas Poetry Calendar (i.e. a calendar with poetry in it, not a calendar for submissions. CWJ has a contest calendar but no pretty pictures with that.

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