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Poetry Resource Roundup

It seems a lot of writers are in isolated areas where there isn’t a large literary community, or the word doesn’t percolate about what there is locally. There are lull periods when not much happens so here’s a list of what I know of the places online for poetry.

For sound of poetry, there are a few places I know of: pō’ĭ-trē of classic poems that people pick as favorites and read, as does Classic Poetry Aloud. PennSound from America, Authors Aloud from Canada, and Poetry Archive from England.

For reference and reading and learning material, there’s U of T, Canadian Poetry, a sort of encyclopedia and has essays into deeper levels of poetry. Poewar has exercises on aspects of poetry. Erin Thomas’ Journeys into Poetic Forms looks into ghazals, free verse, villanelles and terzanelles. Bob’s Byway takes classic American poetry and maps them to device.

Aha! Poetry, Got Poetry and are so standard reference that maybe they don’t bear referencing but no harm by doing it.

Contemporary Mexican Poetry Compendium is an entry point to there. This has insights now and then. One Zero Zero is a virtual library of the small press classics from the 1940s to 1980s. Canadian goes back further putting Confederation Poets online. Busse library indexes American poets from the 1600s to Mark Strand with links to samples. UBU has concrete, visual and sound poetry as well as pdf of editions.

For workshopping:
Internet Writing Workshop has several specialty areas. It’s a listserv model. They have discussion lists around a few nodes of writing and market, and critiquing lists with rules for how many you must submit and how many you must give crit for. There is Fiction, Lovestory, Nonfiction, Novels, Poetry, Practice, Prose/Flash-fiction, Script-writing and Children & Young adult. I’ve been one or two of these for 5 or 6 years.

Poetry Free For All and Blueline are online forums. The latter has 22 more associated forums at IBBC (interBoard Poetry Forum). Some are more pointed critiques and more intense, some less. There seems to be some cross-traffic of the same people. Critical Poet has tiered levels of more intensive critiquing.

There are also networking/cooperative places such as blogs like Aha and book clubs for discussion like Barnes and Noble have set up, and Author’s Den which is sort of a hub for putting out samples and redirecting to your site, but is a magazine-style community for networking as well, a sort of writer’s version of myspace.

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  1. Thanks for the reference

    Many thanks for the reference to the Classic Poetry Aloud podcast series. I will point listeners to this entry, you’ve outlined a great set of resources here.

    Classic Poetry Aloud

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