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The Muses Reading Series

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  1. Currently Reading The Days are Nouns: touch them by Naomi Shihab Nye. An article on Daphne Marlatt in Capital Xtra. (not included in online version) Deleted World, Tomas Transtromer, as translated by...
  2. Currently Reading A poem of interborough transit in The Times by By Annie Bien and another On the train to Rue de Rivoli by Alex Stolis. Poetry for Alzheimer’s, as therapy is...
  3. Reading and reading Added to my currently reading I’ve gotten back into Anne Szumigalski’s When Earth Leaps Up, and frogments from the frag pool: haiku after basho by gary barwin and derek beaulieu....

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  1. I MET ROB MCLENNAN TODAY…or just kind of interacted with him in a small group but didn’t really talk to him personally.

    i wanted to mention you, heh.

  2. something completely unrelated –
    I just checked out Monkeying Around…so adorable!!!

    I remember there was this internet fad once upon a time where some sort of stuffed animal was mailed all over the world and people had to take pictures with it. I always thought that was neat.

    Did you make the monkey yourself?

  3. :) We met each other at a yard sale. I’m working on his next travel adventures. Who knows when that will be done.

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