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Poet Populist Position

Experimental Peter Payack named city’s first-ever ‘poet populist’ Tanne describes in part that for the $1000 stipend he will continue raising the profile of poetry as he has been…

Payack was involved with the 2000 Illuminated Words project, which reflected poems off of the walls of public buildings.

Payack was also the driving force between the 1976 Phone a Poem program, in which poets were asked to record their work on a cassette tape to which callers could listen.

Before the advent of the Internet, “it was the only way that you could get poetry outside of a book or library,” says Payack.

Payack has even transferred poetry from formal readings—quite literally—into peoples’ mouths.

His poetry fortune cookies, “Poetreats,” constitute what Payack described as “the first edible anthology of poetry.”

Darn, the edible poem cookie idea was already done when I came up with it. More the merrier tho.

[via the news list at Poetry and Poets in Rags]

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