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Winter Wonder: Warnings

It’s not a haiku but it is short and takes as its prompt, One Deep Breath. It’s one breath if you say it fast. 😉

people are advised to stay off the roads and limit travel to essentials

winter storm watch in effect
winter storm warning
floods, flash freezing
frogs in petite parkas!!
locusts in tiny toques!!!

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  1. Winter Wonders

    Nicely done! We’ve had some of the same, too, so it’s easy to appreciate this.

    AnonymousFebruary 1, 2008 @ 5:12 pm
  2. You have such an interesting weather over there…
    Here, not even a trace of snow.

  3. haiku not

    Very clever and cute!

    AnonymousFebruary 1, 2008 @ 6:56 pm
  4. Hey, it’s your blog and you can do what you wish!

    Very nice.

    Isabel from the Winter Haiku blog.

    AnonymousFebruary 1, 2008 @ 9:23 pm
  5. Clever – winter as come to stay here and I’m yearning for petite parkas and tiny toques. Love the spill of your words and the visuals created.

    AnonymousFebruary 1, 2008 @ 10:34 pm
  6. qualcosa di bello

    ah…that side of winter i don’t miss! though the thought of petite parkas & tiny toques is quite precious. i like your warning so much better than the nat’l weather service’s…

    AnonymousFebruary 3, 2008 @ 1:31 pm

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