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review 2


For comparison a different review of the same movie, Cloverfield. It is also taking about half the length, taken from the center. This length is shorter for this reason.

I think we can see the difference in the point of view expressed, how each of the writers positions himself to the movie.

The length of phrase and clause is longer here. The casual string of hyphenated phrases is gone. From these alone and by the missing all caps, can we see a more controlled tone?

The punctuation has some overlaps from the other review, but the communicative purpose is different. Italics are like homophones of each other. In both we see italics but what didn’t cross over in the translation to punctuation is how all but one italics here are for titles, not emotive emphasis. The apostrophes here are predominately possessive about characters or director or actor rather than contractions. Quotes here are dialogue, rather than sarcastic “so-called”.

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