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See Fred and Ginger Dance, waves crash

bpNichol computer poems, 1984 now online. “First Screening is some of the earliest programmed, kinetic poetry.” It’s such fun. How did bpNichol think so multi-dimensionally and make things so simple to grasp at the same time. How wonderful that these guys (Jim Andrews, Marko Niemi, Geof Huth, Dan Waber, Jeff Rivett, Jason Pimble and a handful of other digital archeologists) recovered it to accessible.

[via Arc Portage]

And Happy World Poetry Day.

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  1. Snx for you job!

    Snx for you job!
    It has very much helped me!

    AnonymousMarch 22, 2008 @ 5:25 pm
  2. thanks!
    i was looking for this for a while.

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