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Sprague and coiled spring

I can find more than enough poetry event programming in conflicting time slots locally, surely, Thursday and Friday alone, without looking to do the same in two more cities.

The season launch of BookThug (motto “Our books aren’t for anybody — so we encourage you to become somebody today.”) is November 18th. Opposite it is The Art Bar reading with Margaret Christakos (who I’ve been meaning to hear/read somewhere for months) with David Clink and Maurice Mierau. It rains, pours.

It may be moot anyway since I may not be able to get to Toronto in a weekday anyway. Likewise with New York wistfulness. Each night has so much on. Still, covet tickets to get to NYC’s Poetry Project which has Jane Sprague as a feature in November.

The restless push of the possibility and her poetry flutters.

I sit in a chair rather underneath your feet. the most strident and pinched utterance. once a week. I feel you shifting. Above me. where I cannot go I cannot even utter. I watch your colleague lick me with his eyes I watch this. I do something with my lips. I maybe lick them. Things I do. It unsettles. I do it again. I stretch. A cat. I feel you up there. You’re heavy through the floors. I feel you busy. I feel you feeling me that was this morning or was it yesterday. the time confounds me as do ceilings. floors. rules. I opened a door once this was several weeks ago I opened there you were. before. we were lovers. you in glasses. I did not know. there was a long moment a long moment of: oh. in that moment I knew you knew and I did too and so it begins. again and again it is beginning.

That’s an excerpt from Jane Sprague’s break/fast in Tarpaulin, V2n2/V2n3Spr/Sum 04

What more could one want than even one really well written part of page? Makes one feel greedy to even suggest wanting more. And yet resonant writing does spur more appetite than brain can hold all at once, let alone the schedule.

And speaking of appetite whetted and other lusty things, the 10th annual Chocolate Show is in NYC Nov 9-11th, with over 65 chocolatiers, 40,000 square feet of chocolate, cooking demos, fashion show of clothes made from cocoa sources…25,000 people roaming it.

And lastly, and not beastly is this poetry resource link: David Clink’s Poetry Machine

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