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March is Small Press Month

Jilly points out that March is Small Press Month, for the 13th year apparently. What better time than for the government to announce cutting funding to all magazines that have less than 5000 subscribers. A coalition to talk back at that notion is forming.

History repeats peats peats, bogs, burns, settles, grows, repeats. We run around in circles insisting small scale is valuable too.

Endings are beginnings
seems fatal until the life-cough.

How to define Small Press? It can be small print runs, online only, ephemera only, smaller scale publishing and are often one person operations, or very few. It is many niche markets, small runs, coming from people who do a one- or few-sheet run to regular small ephemera pages or series of chapbooks, to videos or periodical blogzines to indie or smaller-scale publishers of spine-books like the Literary Press Group may represent to start-up “online magazines” of sites with a juried choice of who to put in the spotlight…there are huge numbers of people involved.

In Canada there’s a huge but dispersed small press set, regardless of where you draw a cut off point for scale of disseminating words and ideas short of Random House and McClelland & Stewart. Sales garnered are not in the thousands or millions of copies. Lines vary. Small and steady.

Some to spread ideas widely, organically and for a living and some priding on counterculture and being under the mainstream radar and being personal-scale distribution. It’s quite a mix. Poets & Writers magazine have an accessible searchable database of small press listings.

An incomplete list of groups and people in the small press literary sandbox who have web presence:

above/ground press
Angelhouse Press
Aeolus House
Aliquando Press
Allan Weiss
Anik Press
Art by Ruth

Barbarian Press
Big Pond Rumours
Buschek Books
Believe Your Own Press
Beyond Blacklight
Bigge Ink
Boheme Press
Breller Books
Brick Books
broken pencil
Brooks Books Haiku
Broken Jaw Press

Chicoine Enterprise
Chaudiere Books
Coach House Books
Cormorant Books
Dusty Owl
ECW Press
The Emergency Response Unit
Exile Editions
Frog Hollow Press
General Store Publishing House
Gesture Press
The Grunge Papers

Insomniac Press
learn/yeats & co
Leaf Press
Life Rattle
Misunderstandings Magazine
Mansfield Press
The Mercury Press
The New Quarterly

Playwrights Canada Press
The Puritan
The Ottawa Arts Review
Proper Tales Press
The Porcupine’s Quill

Room 302 Books
Running The Goat Press
serif of nottingham editions
The Shore Magazine
Twoffish Press
Underwhich Editions
White Wall Review
Wolsak and Wynn

Canzine with 150 booths of art-pieces to glossy to photocopied scribbles. Dozens of zines and small publishers at anarchist book fair in Montreal… to a couple dozen small press publishers were at meet the presses. The AWP‘s bookfair, which will be in Colorado in 2010, always has loads of tables of people who publish, and sometimes even for cash rather than the swap economy. A couple dozen listed at the Toronto Small press fair. The best of the 300 at Expozine will be at the Awards for it in Montreal, March 3.

There’s constant creativity.

Jessie Carty of Folded Word Press made a trailer for small press month to promote some little guys. She says,

Please spread the word, and this video and any links to spread the awareness for all the hard work that small presses provide to their authors and the literary world by providing a variety of voices to be published.

U.S. Small Press month events include these people linked from the video:….…

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  1. Great post – a good take on circles and a full list of presses. This is one to bookmark for reference. Thank you!!


    AnonymousMarch 3, 2009 @ 1:32 am

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