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On Workshops that Work

What is a writing Workshop? from St. Augustine’s confessions.

“Conloqui et conridere et vicissim benevole obsequi, simul leger libros dulciloquos, simul nugari et simul honestari .” (“Conversations and jokes together, mutual rendering of good services, the reading together of sweetly phrased books, the sharing of nonsense and mutual attentions,”)

As Stephen Kuusisto adds there, “There’s no room for a crystal throne in a good workshop.”

Equals as partners in learning getting along.

And how blessed of state it is when serendipity and whatever else is at play makes it happen and reoccur when it does.

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  1. Laughter’s good too!

  2. yes, for sure. It makes camaraderie that much smoother.

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