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Smile when you say Bookish, eh?

Scream Festival events plays with Fahrenheit 451 idea, wondering out of our heads, how much of a book can we reconstruct if it were to vanish. Personally, without hard copy reference, I’d be sunk.

Let’s hear it for buying print text. Let’s hear it for buying the product of the writers. (And if that phrasing flashed you back to Denise Williams too, I’m sorry.) [I tried to say hangdog expression, but first hangdog, handdog, handgod, hangfog — think I should turn on a light?]

Mattew Tierney’s 12 or 20 interview was a fun read. For example,

Q: Do you have any theoretical concerns behind your writing?

A: I’ve been toying with the idea that all poems are failures. The good ones are, anyway.
I don’t mean a failure of language, though that’s always the pink elephant in the room.
Something more particular about the kind of failure. It’s necessary for poetry to fail to be prose, for one. Or even to fail to make “sense.” Like the way quantum physics breaks from classical.

Knott and a haiku turned around and round.

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