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OSI: Thinking

For One Single Impression: 72 the prompt is thinking.

in knit tint

I in khi in tiki night
I ken gin n
kiting knight tin kin

I thin in tight tithing
in ink nth nit thing
tin ting, kit it king
git git, git

I hink I ken I hink I king
hi ink I thin hi ink I tin
I ink I gin
hi tink I kin
I hint I ting. I kit it in
hi night ti thing

hi I kiting, tining, I ninth hi
git kithing
think night inti
it knight in tiki
in gink it khi?

overthinking over
I think in night
I think in tin
n thin it hink
I king hi ink
hi hint I ink

I hint I ting. I kit it in
hi tink I gin.

hi night ti

hi tining
I ninth knight it inti gink
kiting thing

I git

nth knit


in khi, tiki

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2 Responses

  1. “overthinking over
    “I think in night”

    I think you have conquered the ‘infinite monkey theorem’ by accident. I hope you counted how many of your monkeys on their keyboards and how many tries it took to get this one line of the whole page to make sense?

    Thanks for using the prompt, I enjoyed sifting through. I know there is more here that I am missing! :-)

  2. This is a really interesting approach to poetry, this prompt, language. Thanks for challenging us this way.

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