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Purdyfest #3

Purdyfest # 3
Purdyfest, another Dam Poetry Reading at the dam in Marmora, full of easy goingness, passes of readers sharing things.

Low lying fog in the rolling hills at sunset as we arrived to camp out at the river.

Jim Larwill, camp counsellor by the Shaman Shack of Zen River

From the flet (tree platform) looking back at the Shaman Shack.

A previous year’s prayer flag btween the water beetles and buddhas.

IMG_8776 IMG_8906
54 raven poems for the nature walk walks were scattered in the woods and along the river (That’s the orange in the background)

IMG_8824 IMG_8829
Lots of slow walk time among the birds and around the bush seeing these sights…tiny mushroom along the cedar path and a crinkly fan one. It wasn’t a leap to slow breath, slow time…what a restorative setting.


At the monastery visit we were walking around as Chris was describing the life of Buddha as carved in the stone out front by the koi ponds now full of tadpoles.

The meditation platforms were complete with mosquito netting by a beaver pond.

A view from the pond from which a blue heron rose and a raven flew over; Jim checking on us.

Back on tour of the monastery.

back at Zen River chatting

Purdyfest Purdyfest
A couple shots at catching some of the group who came out.

John, Kim and Jim and a pun the likes of which we won’t mention again.

Chase, the mascot of the festivities with an eye for the camera.

Part of an audience of a couple dozen responding to the tanka books the day after the renga reading and just before the sangria was it? Jeff talks about renga-making at Purdyfest at his blog.

Claudia Radmore and Terry Ann Carter led a renga and the next day launched their books of tanka, Blackbird’s Throat, and Yangtze Crossing with Anna Plesums who launched her Pieces of Life haiga book.

A page from Anna’s book dedicated to Purdy at his grave.

Another Dam Poetry Reading, on the dam in question. The ambiguous silhouettes (swan, loon, goose?) turned out to have back and arms…snorkelers.

IMG_8982 IMG_8980
Music by Morley on a peninsula of the island off the dam was time to sing along or listen in, time to stop and pick flowers or relax with writing.

IMG_8984 Purdyfest#3 Purdyfest #3
About 30 people came and went over the afternoon/evening. Most read. Above is a lady from Montreal and below, is me.

One poet in from Toronto and one in from Hamilton were studying the map for where the next reading was – the Canada-Cuba Literary Alliance launching an Al Purdy tribute book with Euradice to be on hand.

Purdy Book Thay
Thay was on hand to sell Purdy books before the official launch the next day.

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  1. Great Purdyfest page, Pearl!

    Can you add my blog to your blogroll? I’m trying to establish a blog-network for Canadian poetry/poetics.

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