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around the curve

OSI prompt of blowing the curve:

the tocsin still

haiku path marketed:
our ideology, ourselves

have origami buyouts ceased?
a jolt of koi drops us to om

and a buxom comet
a random switch of wind

eyes raised, bowls, after he heads
to dawn’s shiny border.

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5 Responses

  1. Effect is very imagistic (to me).

    Pound would have loved this: a complex Image “releasing a flood of insight” (“Retrospect” essay) Or “fragments” of one.

    And the guy had an exquisite eye for haiku, too!

  2. Heeding dawn’s shiny border. Well done.

  3. Wonderfully well-crafted piece. This piece sings.

  4. There’s nothing here anymore, is there anything ’round that curve? Time will tell if we will only move forward. Could be nada there as well. :-)
    Thank you, Pearl, for peeking in on me, I am honored.

  5. well done- love the choice of words!

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