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Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere

Billy “the Blogging Poet” Jones closed nominations for the 5th year.

Past English Poet Laureates of the Blogosphere were: Ron Silliman, Amy King, Tony Brown and Jilly Dybka.

This year there are about 2 dozen nominees. The poetry blog world is in many and good hands.

A lot of new names. Explore the field below…

Allen Itz
Geof Huth
Jessie Carty
Brandon Brown
Sam Pink
Robert Lee Brewer
Dana Guthrie Martin
Rachel B. Glaser
Donald McNeil
January O’Neil
Emi Matsui
Jeff Lytle
Ron Slate
Mather Schneider
Julie Buffaloe-Yoder
rob mclennan
Jim DuBois
Brad Liening
Sina Queyras
Shmish Whims
George Szirtes

Voting begins today for Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere for 2010. Voting lasts 13 days, until April 29th. You can vote daily at maximum.

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