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What Will Be Put Away

For OSI prompt: Reign a sestina with sadistic playful line end word choice.

what will be put away

all the tension, pulled out to skin, has left.
under threat of strange, let’s get soaked in rain.
fragile satins chill. make do. old denim,
faded, rust-stained, is closet-lining. fold
of wire hangers nipple shoulders, regret
stretches. gazebos smoke sweetly. fast, pause!

what possibilities cling are cat paw’s
tapped insistence for more. we’ll jog out left
from mad scenes, off stage, to ponder egrets,
notice both lily pads and beer cans. reins
to hitch butterflies drop. pegasus has foaled.
Monarch flocks rest on duodenum.

no need for the Batman duo. den’s hum
switched off. live in mortal normal. we get
ant-scale challenges. mid-life comes, unfolds
a new map between us. we are light and deft
will write all over it, our singdom’s reign
carte blanching. whose debit is this regret?

scribble queen, denomination’s egrets
fish ying/yang’s pools: stress/calm due. oh. then him,
spotted once. a security glowed. rain-
bows in visions, obscured sight (panic, pause)
we didn’t need to count on this. the cleft
of trouble we sought can tuck in, enfold.

a jacket in the cold, his arms enfold
most sure when I most feared shot-deer regrets
but no skin is enough for shelter. I’d leapt
a foot per inch of approach. do your denims
and cowboy boots know my inner applause
for your skilled verbal lassos, quick reins?

blouse and skirt drenched but no complaints. arraigns
can’t outsource blame. teeth chatter, refold
narratives I’ve fairytaled, pinched. I pause
chewed origami, peashot some regrets.
what tires? calves in 2-step. duodenum’s
fist is tight, skin wet as drowned moths. what’s left?

burial? left with myself, mental rain
duodenum plays psychiatrist, folds
in euchre. regrets wins hands. shrew’s shrewd paws.

So continues the daily poetry, poetics, reviews run…entering week 6 shortly.

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5 Responses

  1. Quite a cornucopia or thoughts and images intertwined together. I’m not sure where to start. Interesting, complex take and read on the prompt.

  2. It makes me read over and over, but it remained to me something much, much more to ponder upon!

    I now believe that poets don’t just write and write but make it more something one to decipher with much thoughts, or rather hide more things for readers to explore how or why!

    A beautiful, challenging thoughts Pearl!

  3. I had so many thoughts in my mind after reading it. Very well done!

    rein in the ruined reign

  4. Hey…cool!
    Never thought I’d say it in this
    day and age, but a few more
    linebreaks (like at the scene change
    …we’ll jog out left) might multiply
    the impact even more. You
    have a very nice cusping on
    sounds/meanings, sense/non.
    Very dense! yummy

  5. interesting intprepretation of the prompt

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