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BQJ, Tickertaping and Photos

You have until the start of June to send in one line of poem involving numbers to the Tickertape Project at Concordia. The line you send rolls around thru the display.

At the university, one tickertape will run the usual stocks, the other with words. Spotted ticking alongSheila E Murphy, Sandra Ridley, Warren Dean Fulton, Amanda Earl, and Gillian Wallace.

Btw, Facebook assures me that you don’t have to be on FB to see this page of photos from the Bywords Quarterly Journal Launch.

I got a shot, such as it is, of each reader and open mic person.

It’s an odd thing photographing readings because the audience is relaxed but you take pictures of, usually, the most tense people in the room in succession.

I take some shots to indicate crowd, from behind ideally. I don’t want people to feel their every outing weighed on the basis of whether they feel like them and their attendance being documented. A reader is choosing to make a public performance so that’s a distinct thing.

I can’t help but feel photos of readings are a trifle silly. The archivist in me says that if there’s no photo of an event, it never happened. I know the visual in a way isn’t pertinent because it is how a person sounds and the content that matters yet that gets all headache-complexy to document poems. A photo can be a nod of acknowledgement tho.

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