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SA Griffin and His Poetry Bomb

SA Griffin is touring with a bomb.

In news of his tour, it’s explained that he bought a Cold War-era bomb and is filling the metal with poems about peace. The idea is to create the constructive from the destructive.

the poetry bomb securely fastened into the tour van
Originally uploaded by buniwabbit
(More tour photos)

Griffen has been a poet, publisher and editor for over 25 years. “I worked on staff for underground alt poetry zines Shattersheet, The Moment, and Nuthin’ Sacred, then published and edited my own zine (Sic) Vice & Verse with Rafael FJ Alvarado for 9 years.” A veteran USAF, he’s part of the Outlaw Poetry Network.

At RL Brewer‘s post on S.A. Griffin, the poet/actor said,

Democracy and community depend upon the ability to disagree! To agree before the fact is absurd. Agreements only come from civil, and informed, disagreements.

Violent language/rhetoric becomes violence.

In general, it seems that our cultural and democratic landscapes have become void of depserately needed disagreements. Thru poetry, and poetic action/dialogue, let us sow the seeds of disagreement so that we might possibly begin to agree and move forward together.

Want your work to ride in a bomb for peace? Submission details:

It can be previously published or something new, all good.

One submission per person, please! Subs must be flat and NO BIGGER than 8.5×11 inches. That means that your submission can be smaller than 8.5×11, but no bigger. Text/image on one or both sides.

If you are writing in any language that is not english, it would be nice if your native language were on one side of the piece and a possible english translation were on the other. I am an english speaker only, and I do plan on reading some of submissions at each and every stop along the tour.

Also, please note on your submission where you are from along with your name/signature. Not your address, but where you are sending your submission from. In other words, something like this: “S.A. Griffin, Los Angeles, Ca., U.S.A.”

Please make sure that contact information is included with your submission, both your snail mail and your email addresses.

Nothing hard or solid, like wood, metal or hard plastic. Must be flexible so it can conform and share space with the other submissions.

If you expect to get anything back, please send with s.a.s.e. to:

S.A. Griffin
P.O. Box 29171
Los Angeles, Ca. 90029-0171

I will not accept any submissions that advocate or are violent in statement or purpose.

Griffin’s tour is currently taking him thru North Carolina, Tennessee and Illinois.

On June 2, the Canadian Poets Against the War will protest again at the next ammunition show at Landsdowne Park.

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