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Cento: Machine Remix

Jane Holland’s has a workshop on editing, posted in relation to the Mxlexia Women’s Poetry competition which closes July 26.

Her 2nd workshop suggests messing with text mechanically to see what turns up under the leaf duff of intent.

So to rummage the tool box… that cento again, machine-translated to Japanese to English to Greek to French to Portuguese back to English.

OR the limitless d’ friends I nail of the word n’ to it

no tuna exists that is understood leaving piece contact
d’ entrances of l’ air. To the numerous reputation such order.

Thus, as for numerous habitual people this it [traylizei] floraison
that they had turned, [aimoforo] to the silt éclectique
and [kokkalo] of the hammer.

This appreciates commisération where the perfume
is good savageness – or considers me that AM.
with respect to with all the women
as for this spouse who delivers the fear and the arm
that seems to the window that agitates it what

[kalosorizetai], l’ explosion that is the door that nobody s’ we open due:
It s’ he extends with its point toe, innocently.
Seguidamente nobody that the bomb must be surprised
nervosité that [etraylise] as nobody as [little ekeino] [descending yours]
where return, does not rub its note that great headings.

It is the new accident of method knowing is the unknown collection.
However, l’ [I] the central way that if finds only.

It is a sort of telephone game that manufactures some entirely new data. The result has a certain charm of oddity and the new rhythm of penultimate language scrapes out the unevenness of registers.

And once more to continue the spins from there thru French to German to English to Japanese to Spanish to English. What is to be found in translation?

Or d’ There is no border;

Nail n’ of the friend; I; Word; ;
That. n’ It is not; thunfisch;
As far as that part d’ One
is based on contact; It is including; ;
l’ Entrance; ; Air. That class of indication
of many call. Therefore, it is related
to much people, generally the one
that [traylizeiblühen] qu’ That s’ l’
In relation to, [aimoforo] was given return;
Mud and [kokkalo] Eklektiker of the hammer.

This like commisération, savageneßbon
or qu’ of I; of the perfume of the real point;
It is conceited; . It is related to all the women,
he is related to this partner of the union,
the fear and the source of the weapon of window
of the thing and l’ It seems the way so;

It vibrates, [kalosorizetai], l’ ; Explosion
and s’ which is the door; Person; ;
We abrimos due: That s’ ; That extends innocent
with the toe of the point.

The tension of the pump is due to surprise,
like the person of the thing the person of Next
[etraylise] the way [weniges d’ In the point
where the return does not observe
does not rub ekeino] [the pen rises],

the one of the great title. C’ As far as new accident
of the method of it must know, is a unknown collection
that is. At least l’ ; [I] As soon as it types the discovery in center.

Love how the second one ends. It doesn’t need to be all right or all sensible or all nonsense or all flow but is there a grain there that’s fresh?

There’s a pleasingness to: “where the return does not observe /does not rub ekeino] [the pen rises],//” & in the inversion of “with the toe of the point.”

There’s a pleasure for my ear and tongue, a something in “they had turned, [aimoforo] to the silt éclectique/ and [kokkalo] of the hammer.”

Some new things to chew on and see what digests how.

All life’s a gamble and we are each more addicted gamblers on speculative runs than we’d probably like to admit. I want not so much a whole entire flawless day, but the occasional relenting, an ease, a flutter or gut-full-yes of one good moment to carry me over to the next win.

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  1. Some fun by-product.
    The kthunk at the edge of missing meaning
    may launch new things. Some good kthunks.

    More loose fiddling is good.
    Not many actually try new speculations
    and gambles. Too many build temples
    where the self stands already. Keep exploring!

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