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Truhlar in Town

Richard Truhlar AB Series hosts Richard Truhlar this evening at the Mercury Lounge.

Truhlar (“poet / fictioneer / text-sound composer /”pataphysicist / concretist / visual artist”) has been publishing poetry since the 70s.

Along with other avant-garde writers, he was responsible for such publishing imprints as Kontakte, Phenomenon Press, Teksteditions and Underwhich Editions. He has done sound poetry, electronic music, boardsides, chapbooks and anthologies, experimental fiction and poetry.

He has had several books of his literary works published by Mercury Press, including The Hollow and other fictions, A Porcelain Cup Placed There, Utensile Paradise, Figures in Paper Time, Parisian Novels, The Pitch, Dynamite in the Lung. He and Beverly Daurio edited an anthology of short stories The Closets of Time in 2007. As a performer, he was a member of the progressive new wave band Warm Jets, of the sound poetry quartet Owen Sound, and of the electroacoustic chamber ensemble Tekst.

If you haven’t already you can read more at the 12 or 20 questions on him.

Coming up this fall is season 4, opening with icons Nobuo Kubota and Penn Kemp. There seemed to be a universally wowed audience last time Penn Kemp was in town with a great fun show. (And I missed it. Second chances come.)

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