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Glimpsed In the Passing Parade

What’s today? Fried day, Herd’s day, Wends day, Toes day, or MmFun day? A Funday Poem by Amy Barlow is in part [read it all],

Barefoot on the sidewalk/Deliberately stepping in dog poop just to feel the squish/and leaving human pawprints behind as she/heads for the library to read Ayn Rand/backwards

Barlow’s participating in the One Single Impression prompt game.

/by glow are overcome, flowers by flow.” ~ Heather McHugh at Jacket Magazine.

She has a new book from Anansi, upgraded to serious. If I hadn’t seen the Arc review, I’d have missed that. I got her eyeshot and enjoyed it cover to cover.

I like this Arc issue with its hefty percentage of reviews and the dueling reviews where one review is rave and the other, ahem, pardon, what’s this book? With different positions noticing the same thing, then we have data.

Have you see the video Slippery by sandra alland? [ via Matrix New Feminisms issue from February]

Coach House still has their backlist sale. Tempted (again) by Excessive Love Prostheses.

At Open Book Toronto, Porco interviews Barwin on among other things, punctuation in its general particularness and The Punctuation of Thieves (Hamilton, Ontario: Serif of Nottingham, 2010),

The book presents a series of prose-poem meditations or excursions, each taking as its inspiration a punctuation mark. You transform each mark into an icon that contains a multitude of meanings. For example, “?” begins, “A small island, a curling flame rising, obsidian, a djinn hissing from the prison of its tittle. // An exclamation mark bent by the wind, a cupped hand seeking purchase on the sleek face of the page.”

Enjoying still, bit by savored bit, the old book by Steve Venright Straunge Wunder like p. 51, Picture

one by one she removed her fingers from his suit pocket he drew a pistol then shot her a glance of deepest longing and handed her the picture he had made no attempt to conceal from her its violent erotic symbolism.

Love how the brain has to work at continually at discarding yet keeping as it reparses the grammar.

Back to that idea from influency salon that to mix the hierarchy of language is to break the referent’s hierarchy. It nags, yet feels wrong.

It’s like the whole idea of subverting language as some little man heroic kick at the Big System. You can in in the system and overturn the ideas or use the style and syntax of “radical” and reinforce the tired ideas.

“Nothing says “radical” like a well-written grant application.” ~ (heh. cute.)

To trouble the language may help the mirror of the narrator to realize there is a barrier between referent and reference to use a fish eye lens but the actual doesn’t change, only the perception. Is that enough to change how future referents are made? It reminds me of the test on mood: clench a pencil between the teeth to force the physical shape of a smile and it back-creates the mood compared to the control in the study who just did the test with their mouth in any shape they defaulted to. Would it force a new route to get to the same thoughts or does a new route force a new destination. Neither is ensured.

David Mason Books made a chapbook by Brian Fawcett entitled The Northern B.C. Riles with The Regulations for Snipe Hunting. it’s a hoot. Had to read it all twice with delight. The segues between chapters are fun, such as the last rule of Survival in the Bush when logging is

22) Knowing when to shut her down and go to town is the most important survival skill you’ll ever learn

(Turning the page, the next chapter is Surviving in Town)

One of my favorites might be under The General Rules where

10) If you say ridiculous things with a straight face, 50% of people will believe what you’re telling them

I’d add that 40% of the rest will believe that you believe what you’re saying and nod somberly and not let on that they think you’re a fool. The remaining 10% will get the joke and laugh with you.

My Literary CV, such as it is, is finally updated.

swarms by derek beaulieu is out.

When asked what her hopes are for what readers will take away from her book, Pearl Luke said, “I’d like them to have no regrets that they spent twenty bucks on a book, instead of a movie or a bottle of wine.”

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  1. Pearl, thanks for the mention of Funday! It was one of those poems that was sprung from one of my rapidly firing synapses and just danced its way onto the page.

    You have a nice blog here, and again, I appreciate the mention. My blog is “Sharp Little Pencil.”

    Peace, Amy

  2. God…I’m still trying to learn those rules…heh.
    Or should I say, live by them.

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