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It’s always a tiny minority that get the signal’s crossed and smoking.

On the sexual mores in publishing thing…would the solution be upping the percentage of overt ogling of male writers by women writers to balance things out in the culture?

Women check out and rate males, but generally not within male earshot. Funny how women can openly ooh about the cuteness of a male’s voice or eyes and not remark on the content of his reading performance at all. Men doing the same for a women’s performance would be handed his fuzzy dice.

Men are such delicate creatures, easily threatened. Too firm of hand and women can scare them away. Too subtle of hand and they don’t perceive the interest. Maybe that’s the problem. Subtly. And rule difference? Men in mixed groups tend to police men who do where women in mixed groups tend to support the practice.

Is the issue males not protesting so vehemently when harassed? And not being listened to when speaking up when feeling miscued?

Appropriate, early frank directness and listening between people not between gender reps. Maybe that’s the key.

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  1. Admittedly somewhat tongue in cheek.

    It is clearly unreasonable to consider clothes an invitation to someone in particular or blame the victim of how any she was dressed as inciting male inappropriacy. I wasn’t there to say that case and there was a protracted unfortunate complexity of miscommunication.

    When the discussion goes industry-wide (and omits society-wide generally) there’s an unbalance.

    Males can dress well but seem to be not considered culpable or capable of dressing provocatively.

    Clothes are part of sexual display and I’ve seen women pointedly do cleavage dumps at male poets and then claim he imagined it or it meant nothing or was unintentional. This begins to seem a tad silly, doesn’t it?

    PearlJune 30, 2010 @ 11:30 am

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