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Blink Gallery Reading

Sept 18th was the main Blink Gallery reading.
There were between 3 and 4 dozen people who came to the reading. Lovely to have a reading outside in the sun and warmth.

People could spread out on the grass

and chat before and after.

some of the crowd

reflections of audience

Sean Moreland Sandra
Sean Moreland (left) is part of the U of O reading series, 3rd Monday of the month at Royal Oak on Laurier, and (right) Sandra’ll be at Ottawa Writers Festival Oct 25 at the Poetry Cabaret with Peter Norman, George Murray and MT Kelly.

Laurie alacrity stone dropped a poem
Laurie (left) and Alacrity Stone (right) added their poems. We had 9 planned readers and 3 people who stepped forward. I have an album of photos of each of them here.

A picture of Lise before she read.

All the poems circulated around identity shifts, memory and history shifts, some dipping into shifts of the way language has its peculiar vagaries.

I’ll let you know when the chapbook collecting poems comes to fruition so if you could come, or couldn’t you can see it all together.

given roses
Me sitting down after hosting it, with the flowers given. How sweet.

the three visual artists
The three visual artists: Jean Jewer + Maureen Sandrock + Lynda Cronin

by the gallery
Sculpture alone. (photo by Lynda Cronin)

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