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Dodge Festival: Structurally Organized

I’ve said informally but I’ll say here too: The organization behind Dodge really impressed.

The city cooperated. Streets were blocked off and police cars and 2 or 3 officers at each closed intersection. The mayor spoke at the opening. The street lights had flags about the festival (which I forgot to photograph). There were large colorful signs at buildings. There were sandwich boards between the 8 sites spread across about 5 blocks by 3 blocks.

sandwich boards

There were hundreds of volunteers to direct, at each street corner and between them, at the outside of buildings, inside, at each corner where you could make a wrong turn. There were paper signs as well. For someone who can get distracted within 10 seconds and lost within a familiar block, it was comforting to not be able to get off track.

Techies were on hand to immediate adjust microphones, guide discussions, moderate where the panel didn’t, repeat questions from audience members who refused to use a microphone, refused to stand up or speak up but rambled on anyway. Good summary upshot of question skills from stage.

One could get on with the business at hand and not be distracted by non-poetry.

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