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Evening Will Come, a monthly poetics magazine is starting. In the first issue CD Wright writes,

Writing is choosing. Choosing is decision-making. Decisions among word choices are among the most delectable of the whole writing experience. They may be accidental, they may be serendipitous. Never arbitrary. Decisions are being made. Even when subliminally. An accurate computation of the decisions involved in composing a poem of three-five lines would be an Oulipean challenge. I like the weight I like the lilt, I like the scene. I don’t like the s here but don’t mind it there. I like the noun to situate hue.

A freedom of movement among words but also a keen awareness. Knowing the implications on the body of the sounds and rhythms. The audience may never say. The only mattering is the mutterer. Knowing how you move is like contemplating what you dreams may be drawing on. You may nail it or miss but isn’t it fascinating to narrow in on something? Refine, define, refine, fine, forget it, return in again.

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