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Physical and Digital Books

I finally saw Nox in person and the cheap, small person in me noticed that someone couldn’t figure out it was in a box and tore into it literally on the shelves and I thought, 1) egad, stupid people 2) wonder if it will show up in the discount bin.

Don Share pointed out that the University of Chicago Press gives away a free e-book per month which is different than all the free reading material one can’t avoid by nature of living. These are more vetted for one. Previously they were giving away the Chicago Manual of Style and Anthony Powell’s A Question of Upbringing. This month it is Robert Pinsky’s Thousands of Broadways.

You can rent The Sound of Poetry / The Poetry of Sound, edited by Marjorie Perloff and Craig Dworkin for $7/month as an ebook, or buy in cloth for $70.

Local places don’t always carry such. Libraries can’t carry something for every niche. And to order in but not take once you see in person can only be done so many times with a bookstore. But then, if you are going to rent, is that a solution? The democratization of knowledge started with free public libraries. A middle ground for renting ideas in pixels? Hm…

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  1. what a complex process. figure out how to scroll the agreement to terms when the scroll bar doesn’t work. install software, become a “member” of Adobe, give them my postal code, download more. I could have walked to a bookstore in that 15 minutes. still, it’s a free look-see for a month, or year of accessing the book.

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