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OSI: 153

payday evening comes crashing

from bars muffled shouts,
articulate cusses thickening up
my organ around the organs,
what pata-biology would call
a conjectured black matter of
memory, a sort of static storm
in the dark cling of the stomach’s
windbreaker. the pliable 1.5mm
permeable shell is a sheen
around the spleen, a high
frequency vibration, meta-cortices
of mental vortices of blame spasming.
its corset-yank is a tummy ache,
real and figurative gut, clenched.
nothing detectible to the left brain’s
diligent peephole. ether’s feather twists.

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  1. Such fine phrasing! It’s beginning to seem like peephole examination is the only type there is. :)

  2. Interesting take on the old adage of everyone out to party on payday… filling the barstools, sharing tales.

  3. A biological musical… interesting observations from the sidelines on payday evening at the bar :)

  4. What a descriptive take on the prompt. I feel I’ve travelled through the entire body with this. Nicely done!

  5. I am a stranger to biological terms.. but can make out that you have written it beautifully..well done..

  6. I wonder what would happen if the left brain were less afraid….

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