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Write or Die

So you say you’re a writer, so write. Write or Die is a tool for free writing, brainstorming, stream of consciousness, first draft, what have you. You set the time limit (whether 7 minutes or 2 hours) and the penalty (does the screen turn red or make a dogawful racket or start erasing what you have written) should you stop typing. There’s a free sample in the right sidebar or you can download the software for a nominal fee.

Getting the brain and fingers moving can make for a lot of nonsense to comb thru compared to a long sit and think for a single phrase, but if you go fast enough you can outrun your inner censor and come out with things you didn’t expect. I set it to 700 words in 15 minutes at kamikaze level because I’m masochistic I suppose. Still, interesting brain space to get a burst of thoughts down and see by the page what’s in your head or can be grabbed from ambient air and surfaces.

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  1. nice idea. I think a good ol metronome would be as good, though, and cheaper, along with satisfyingly resourceful.

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