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The MC at Pivot was Sachiko Murakami (of The Invisibility Exhibit (Talonbooks 2008).)

Fiorontino’s most recent book of poetry is Indexical Elegies (Coach House Books, 2010). They were much more rich than his previous book. Touching without there being harps and violins. He quipped about his shift westward from Winnipeg angst, wangst, to Montreal angst, mangt, but there’s more of a progression that that or else my tastes run darker than they used to. There were a few lines I wanted to retain that were washed over by successive lines.

Waving is Jon Paul Fiorentino. Carolyn Smart is rightmost. Her fifth collection of poems, Hooked – Seven Poems, was published in 2009 by Brick Books and is in the historical fiction sort of vein. Some on Bonny and Clyde and some on Elizabeth (no relation) Smart.

I found it fun to weave a new plaid thru my poems to make a different arc of composition. It’s nice to rearrange things on the gallery walls. It’s funny how tense I am in open mic with one do-or-die poem and given 20 minutes I can loosen and do improv swaps of what would fit the room better as I go. A set list of poems flies or fails but reading by mood with an outline to diverge from seems to give far smoother results. And I know the time for each poem so there’s none of this anxious glance about of dear-me-am-I-over-the-time-limit. Too bad I didn’t locate a squishy heart toy in time for this reading but there’ll be others.

It was a good-sized crowd, the chairs almost all taken when doors opened at 8 and a thicket of standing room only by start time. I’d guess somewhere around 50 people. It was great to catch up with some people I don’t get to see often enough or who I’ve only met on the page before. (I wrote more here.)

I brought some above/ground broadsides and about half were picked up:

this used to be a sestina by Fenn Stewart
Cone by Carla Milo
Helena relates by Pearl Pirie
Notes for a Sad Phoenician by rob mclennan
Getting ready for the long bike race, rob mclennan

(And I guerrilla scattered in transit stations.)

My moo cards got a few takers and I even sold 4 copies of been shed bore.

On March 9th Pivot highlights in Toronto Margaret Christakos, Adam Seelig and Mark Truscott.

Ah, Toronto, you’re always $150 away.

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