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Some VERSeFest Takeaways from the First 3 Days

Ivy Lee Deavy
Ivy Lee Deavy who also does charcoal-quilt art did a piece at VERSeFest where the timeline fluxed back and forth. It held together but the 5th wall of time was rippling alternate timelines. Did she just imagine what if they brushed past each other, what it if they reunited, what if they talked it out. Which occurred? It was emotive and about her being ice and wanting to melt and feel that which was in reach.

Amazon Syren who is one of the one who run Voices of Venus did a powerful love poem to her sweetie in the room and to self-acceptance of recanting the misconception that ones size has to do with or constraints gender or sexuality or fashion. Amazonian tall is not conflicting with being femme (Amazon + glamour = glamazon) and she loves a woman who can hold her shoulders straight instead of apologizing for frame.

Élise Gauthier
Élise Gauthier took an open mic for a piece that mingled English, French and Spanish and demanded the dropping of notions of there being any conflict if there is more than monolithic. People carry many heritages, embrace many. They are not mutually exclusive and all add. She was at the Oneness Showcase.

Brandon Wint
Brandon Wint gave me my first visceral reaction of the fest with words that resonated into weepy. Powerhouse poems that point to the greater we are all in. Most lastingly stuck in my head is what he said about us each having a story and we are between skies and earth to tell it as only we can. I retell it not as well as its the way of telling not the message alone…

Mehdi Hamdad
Singer, songwriter actor and slam poet Mehdi Hamdad was on March 10th. His was a Francophone with patter in English and French. I loved that there was French included even when I could understand almost. His wordplay was sometimes past my capacity but still there is always with any poetry what reaches and what is out of reach. It doesn’t matter which literal “language” one is hearing. His stage presence was like Jim Carrey, or if you’re not a fan of Carrey, a busker who could kick up the energy. He was nominated for a Genie. He has CDs of music too.

Many of the performers had chapbooks and CDs available after performances. The bookstore on site carried some but only I think if it was part of their regular inventory. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

Here’s some takeaway of what Kate Hunt got from VERSeFest

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