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The Ottawa International Writers Fest has a blog post on Etgar Keret reading. Sorry to have missed that event but with a new book launch in town every 3 days and much of life to balance, can’t get to everything. I was glad to get a bit about it vicariously. Lots more events coming up over the next month.

Amanda Earl has a list of unsung poetry titles from 2010, including mine (Aww. Cozy heart cockles) and a bunch more, most of which I’ve read and enjoyed as well. [R’s Boat and Rhapsodomancy I still haven’t seen.]

And over at the Public Lending Right’s Commission they have poetry podcasts for National Poetry Month including one of mine, ones by Ariel Gordon, Cornelia Hoogland, Rhea Tregebov, Elizabeth Woods and David Fraser. Woo.

And Laurie Toby Edison points out Sisters in Crime’s Review Monitoring Project which does a gender head count so we have a baseline of hard numbers to work with.

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