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New Word Toy to World

At the League of Canadian Poets blog, a post today is a poem of mine entitled Sandwiched.

It’s from the new project I’ve been working on for last while. It’s somewhere over 8000 words at this point. When it gets to 12,000 words, I expect to take stock and go into a heavy edit.

I’m looking at what physical shape it will take — more towards novel, prose, re-parsed to poem shapes, ghazals, mixed forms? Influences include the sort of dense prose-poem thoughts of Daphne Marlatt’s The Given and Ana Historic, Sheila E. Murphy’s Letters to Unfinished J., a touch of Donato Mancini’s Ligatures, and Lyn Hejinian’s My Life are the seeds, or maybe roots, or maybe stalking thoughts of where this is going, growing.

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