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erika white: crowactive

This last installment in the Eco-Jest-Us week of poets concludes with erika.


We were lucky to get in this busy poet from Montreal for an Ottawa evening event.

erika n. white writes, edits, gardens and publishes on the island of montreal. She organizes poetry events, including Twigs & Leaves and Poets, a monthly reading series in the Griffintown Cultural Corridor. With R de Smit, she runs Broken Rules Press. Her work can be found in chapbooks, quarterlies, magazines and flower beds.

Here is one of the poems she shared at the event:


a family that flies together
cries together
a family that mourns together
stays together
in a murder you’re never alone
teach the next generation
how to recognize the enemy
crows remember faces
raise the alarm
keep an eye on the other birds
harry hunters
steal eggs
stay near your brother
keep vigils for your dead

Part of Poets Against War, you can find two more poems of hers there including: wish: I wish Harper would scarper and unfair.

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