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Spring KaDo

For a decade the haiku group of the Ottawa area has been doing their spring meeting at the Japanese Embassy. This one was distinct in that it has been chaired by TA Carter for those years and this meeting the chair was passed to Claudia Coutu Radmore of Bondi Studios.

book reflecting
Dorothy Howard talked about book making and haiku publications she has done, including everything between this chapbook made from the lid of a take-out container and her seminal Haïku: Anthologie canadienne/Canadian Anthology edited with André Duhaime.

Guest Angèle Lux presented some of her French and English haiku and took questions on composing bilingually.

Luminita Suse presented some of her tanka. She does some striking, spectacular poems, in tanka and in free verse in a few series. I look forward to the next ones whichever form they are in. Most recently she’s been published in: Moonbathing: A Journal of Women’s Tanka [No.2/2010, No.3/2011], Magnapoets Magazine [No.7/ 2011], Ribbons – Tanka Café [Vol. 6/No. 4/2010, Vol. 7/No. 1/2011], Gusts [No.12/2010, No.13/2011], Red Lights [Vol.7/No.1/2011] and Atlas Poetica [No.7/2010, No.9/2010].

Gillian Foss
Gillian Foss, who recently launched Fleeting Moments is reading KaDo’s spring broadsheet at the Japanese embassy.

Mike Montreuil put out the broadsheet of members. He is starting his own small press for Francophone poets. Watch for news about that.

renga group
Claudia Coutu Radmore, Sandra Stephenson and Grant Savage did a spring renga and shared it with KaDo Ottawa. What a beautiful set of harmonies and chimes of images.

More pics at the KaDo set.

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  1. many thanks Pearl. I like what you’ve done to level the eyes in the renga group.

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