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Playback and Blonk

A snippet from the March show of Playback.

Playback (L-R) Inspirational artist, Michele Provost. Carmel Purkis, Glenn Nuotio, Christine McNair, Sean Moreland, Grant Wilkins, Stephen Ross Smith and Sandra Ridley. (Stephen Ross Smith was a guest poet in town at the last engagement.) The rest of the performers are all local poets, musicians and can be found at the literary hotspots.

Considering that the last AB Series got a standing ovation in the same venue, that Playback got a full house at Gallery 101 in the last engagement, and considering Jaap Blonk filled a church with attendance last time he was in town performing, you might want to get there early for a small venue with cafe seating.

Jaap Blonk and Playback will the at the NAC 4th Stage on May 25th at 7:30. Details here. You wouldn’t want to miss either.

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