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Between Stations review

It is always neat when someone echoes that they’ve heard you speak or write. [Even if startling — what did I leave my invisibility cloak behind today?]

Jim Knowles got my mailing in Massachusetts of Between Stations and the Dusty Owl Quarterly. [Lucky I got those out when I did before the postal strike closed in.] Here’s some of what he said:

[…]short works of observation and imaged riffing
set on a train. The theme means there is
an entraining structure (the trip, the people),
and there is a desire for stylisitic surprise (Pearl and
the need for anti-sense)…and some memory pieces.
The result is a lot of tasty re-examinations
of things you know. […]

Pearl’s chafing restlessness and vast grasp
of technique make everything flap in
the wind along the subject line.
I really like that combination,
that daydream riffing along the real
track. “rested and restless” has so many
little cut-glass moments

Read it all here including what the poetry community there is like.

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