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spring ottawa small press fair 2011

ottawa small press fair
The Ottawa small press fair went off on Saturday.

ottawa small press fair
There was a constant shifting crowd coming thru. Attendance was up and lots of new people had tables.

ottawa small press fair
Sunnyoutside from Buffalo, NY. They had all kind of letterpress set fiction and poetry.

pooka press
I took a photo too late — Warren’s bunny ears were off.

Pooka Press from Vancouver (and the corner of the Arc table). With some books by Catherine Owen who couldn’t stay in town quite long enough for the fiar.

ottawa small press fair
The Ottawa Arts Review people were organized and had short shifts of people manning the table. It’s always easier than one person for 5 or 6 hours.

ottawa small press fair
The youngest visitor to the table. (The one on the right. 😉 )

ottawa small press fair
This was early afternoon when tables are still getting set up. Pedlar Press and next to it The Workhorsery. Pedlar Press put on a sale for an hour that caused a jostle of excitement.

ottawa small press fair
My phafours table with a flutter book for the day. All those copies went.

Phafours with free pickle!
So did all the pickles and cake. [Mental note: remember to make pickle cake next time. Thanks Dave!]

And all but one of the Poems-for-All mini books.

There were about 3 dozen tables. And I took far fewer photos than normal. Ah well.

But I ended up meeting and chatting with lots of people which is better than photos. And even with the trading, I sold a few books, made $15 past the cost of renting a table, the cost of what we had to sell, and what I bought from other tables.

The Art of Attitude
There were a bunch of new tables of people bitten by the publishing bug, including this one by university student and public speaker Karisa Kamali. The Art of Attitude, a book on confidence with proceeds going to Children’s Aid.

talking at tables
I believe one of these was First Class Press is printing set up by the bookstore at Algonquin College (That link goes thru their FB page since their bookstore site hasn’t added info about it.) A couple people were talking about their rates being better than what they pay to print. I didn’t make it that far over on that side of the room myself.

Part of the advantage of going is seeing new titles in person, riffling thru copies, getting caught up in reunions with people who might be on either side of the table. And comparing notes on what printing costs or calls for writing. Shop talk and of course, discovering goodies, new titles to enjoy.

ottawa small press fair
Postscripts for Dark is closing its call for the second issue and here Sean Moreland puts his marker flourish on one.

ottawa small press fair
This lady had graphic novels, (is that what those are called), purely visuals and in French. I made a mental note of her press name and naturally, the mental note got lost somewhere.

The next one will be November. Same place as its been since 1994 — Jack Purcell Centre.

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