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I’m far behind on my aims to do posts on events let alone poetics. Many things in drafts, half-sketched then other priorities pull me aside again.

This week was Hot Ottawa Voices, a tradition to highlight upcoming talents of committed poets who are making headway in their craft and look like they’ll stay course and keep with poetry long term.

Kate Hunt
One Hot Ottawa voice for 2011 was Kate Hunt who did some of her steampunk poems and some tribute poems.

Bardia Sinaee
Bardia Sinaee, who’ll be hosting Literary Landscapes the last week of the month this fall, shared some old and new poems.

Frances Boyle
Frances Boyle, the third Hot Ottawa Voice, did an assortment of poems, taking into account the requests of kids for none of them to be about them.

You can see it and all the past videos of those who chose to be filmed on Tuesdays including some at the open mic and the Hot Ottawa Voices features of this week and previous weeks.

I read two poems at the open mic at Tree. On the 23rd I have the pleasure of good company, 3 ladies of the Ampers&s, our writers group: Amanda Earl, Sandra Ridley, Christine McNair and myself.

Justin Million who launches his apt. 9 chapbook August 24 but this night was presenting on WC Williams.

If you missed it, Tree Press has now launched its second chapbook and aims to cultivate writers at Tree, give publication to those who are working their craft in Ottawa at the workshops and open mics. This recently launched one was by Murray Citron:
Murray Citron

Rona Shaffron's chapbook launch
And Rona Shaffron launched her chapbook officially which was for sale at the last small press fair.

Phil Hall
Phil Hall gave a great reading for those who could last that long. His book Killdeer is absorbing. Playful language, keen observation and ploughing deep for thought. A one-stop poetry shot.

Tree can be quite the marathon night with dead poet reading, announcements, open mic, feature or two or sometimes four. If you come for the workshop and stay for the after bits of socializing, you’re looking at a 6-hour evening. At least promises were made to cut back on the intros and this week they were brief.

And the Tree Seed Workshops are set up to almost the end of its 3rd season. The bi-monthly poetry workshops are set out until spring. The last session had over a dozen at it, thinking of expanding frame of references for poetics. Upcoming facilitators are Lise Rochefort, Mike Buckthought, Phil Hall, Monty Reid, and Glenn Kletke.

Within a couple weeks the Tree Masterclass workshop weekend will be here. Registration filled for that in winter. 3 days with Barry Dempster. Next year, spring and fall, 2 more peak-career poets will be leading a retreat weekend for a small group. Watch Tree’s site for news on that.

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