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3 unrelated tidbits

I suppose I could make three posts, each going up after a respectable delay but no. All at once. The wealth and riotous excess of it all:

Peter Hughes’ Small press beat on receiving manuscripts [via a link chain that started with Carol], first category:

1. Ah good – it’s arrived!

These are the poetry manuscripts which the editor has requested. Over half the Oystercatcher list, for example, consists of responses to invitations. I have sent more invitations to women poets than to men in an attempt to balance up the list. I have not been successful in this respect, but the list shows a healthier balance than it would have done had I just relied on what turned up. It’s always raining men.

The site also has a U.K. poem of the week butt that’s point 1 b. not the second unrelated tidbit.

The second point would be that I updated my own site upon realizing 3 things:

  1. some people still use my 12 year old web page of poems as an entry point to get to my blogs.
  2. when I go to look up a poet online I call the blurbs and bios and printing credits yadda and just want a single sample of one poem to judge for myself if I can hear the person
  3. my author site had no poems up nor links to any poems up


Thirdly, but directly not tertiarily, I have been scuffling around for an idea worth pursuing for a year or so, playing with video snippets and movie making software and storyboarding things, looping sounds and remixing things and have thrown aside the whole lot. But now the big cartoon lightbulb is finally surrounded by forward and backward slashes — I have storyboarding done to make my first animation. So, 300 or so images. How long could that take? (Don’t answer that.) The idea is a book trailer for the book that’s been out most of a year. If it goes well, I’ll jump right onto the next 30-second or so movie. (Ah, kids and their dreams.)

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