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Nobody Move by Susan Stenson is reviewed in 6 minutes at Bilio-File at Radio Canada International. It’s a lovely book. I read it last year and enjoyed it. A book that seems like a real person conversing yet not prosaic and not a posturing or evasion and pretty cleverness. Poetry with the characteristic pings on the scalp.

I hadn’t heard of this radio series but I like it. Priscila Uppal has been doing them recently. Earlier Suzanne Hancock talked about John Glassco’s Memoirs of Montparnasse written in the 1980s was also talked about.

Nice to see older books still talked about. I’d like to work my way thru Everyman’s Library [Warning, their website is unfortunately flash-based] and Penguin Classics. Watching current releases can be dizzying as watching raindrops fall instead of the hills behind them. Alternating between both gives a depth.

A valuable book they reviewed is Ray Robertson’s Why Not? Fifteen Reasons to Live about dealing with depression. Uppal relates that people with depression have brains that key to aspartame that inhibits Serotonin and worsens depression. That as well as being a carcinogen. Why is Serotonin not a controlled additive?

This looks like a useful book to check into. Although I understand the spin that it’s good for anyone if you’re feeling down or like a good enjoyable read, I quibble with being down being drawn as comparable to a biochemical skew. Like Fibromylagia, depression isn’t a little downer because of 1st world problems cropping up, but more of death-duel. The little optimizing strategies can make the difference between functional and not.

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  1. There are so many ways one can end up down
    it’s hard to say which it is. Some things are amazing
    for some subset, but over-generalization always follows
    success, it seems. So many quantum states of what
    people are. Pecking at things seems to find interesting

    Serotonin is a very complicated creature.
    I wish plain statisticians were used more often
    in the era of conspiracies and miracles.
    Shadow-boxing runs down the clock.
    Or do we really need new ways of looking
    through all the scattered lives out there..
    What goes on but hides from old bell-curves
    and average beings.

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