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You Are Here: Mapping with Monty Reid

You Are Here is the first of four Tree Seed Workshops led by Monty Reid. It starts tonight at 6:45pm at the Arts Court.

Here’s a teaser:

Maps always suggest explanations, but they also force us to consider other possibilities. Starting on October 11, join poet Monty Reid for a series of 4 counter-mapping workshops. Beginning with the notoriously disorienting Arts Court building, we will create visual, aural and textual maps that reflect our changing experience of the space we live in.

We all make mental maps. Bees make maps. Dogs make them. They may or may not look like Rand-McNally but they help us navigate nonetheless. […]

The end result will be a collaborative digital map that will be posted on the Tree website and will be available for expansion and revision at later workshops.

More, it’s free to drop in on for any poet who wants to partake.

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