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Tree: Bookery

chapbook making at Tree Seed Workshops
Christine McNair‘s chapbook making workshop taught 3 styles this time. A Magic Book, a japanese binding and how to sew two signatures together while hiding the stitches from being seen on the closed book. (And I only poked myself with a needle twice. Look, ma, no blood!)

There are loads of books on making books –Japanese bookbinding, Book craft, [holp! I’ve fallen into Amazon and can’t get out!] folding, wrapping, pop books and found materials.

Reading is something. Illustrations help. DIY by yourself can be fun. But learning in a group, hands on, taking the time in person with someone who has experience, a sense of spatial of how to hold, and who can show and explain tools, like a Japanese punch tool, a bone Folder, or spools of linen threads makes it all more interesting and easy. Not to mention the laughter as we all learn together.

Afterwards, there were readers including Steve Artelle.
Artelle at Open Mic
He has a series thinking around what would be the gods of the modern urban world? China has household gods to govern, like Zào Jūn, the stove master and the door gods. The Catholic church tries to update the Saints and what they would govern to make one in charge of computers, or patron saint of the unemployed. It’s a fertile sort of ground.

David at Open Mic
And David O’Meara read two poems. The video’s not up yet. He read a poem on the White Rose Movement at a previous reading. He announced that you can catch his play, Vicious, at the Extremely Short Play Festival May 3-12 at the Arts Court.

I couldn’t fit in a whole night, but the nice thing about events is catch what you can when you can. More poetry events come constantly. For example, on Friday there’s a workshop with Ian Keteku on spoken word as part of writers fest. Ian has done a workshop for Tree too although having him again would be good too.

If anyone has anyone they’d like to learn from or a skill you want a specialist brought in for as a 1-hour session with the Tree workshop, I’m scouting for people to facilitate learning aspects of poetry for this summer and this fall.

The next Tree Workshop will be on May 8th with Robin Macdonald on Hidden Language: Explore the tools of yoga as they connect to writing, cultivate the ability to listen with intuition, and refresh your creative process. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a journal.

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