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Arc at ArtPark, Hintonburg Arts Festival

ArtsPark street
ArtsPark, now in its 8th year, filled a street and Parkdale’s park with its booths of gluten-free foods, woodwork, crafty clothes, the TacoLot, knitting, ceramics, hand massage, soaps, teas…a collection of visual artists had a tent as well.

thimblecakes at ArtsPark
And cupcake caterers. There were at least 3 booths of this. One gave all of the day’s proceeds to WaterCan.

This one was Petite Treats at Bite-Size Bakery.

kids running to Lucky Ron
Over at the main stage Lucky Ron played and kids came jumping and dancing as if the piped piper just blew a note.

composing a poem about cake
Meanwhile at the Arc poetry tent, people took turns at the typewriter. Hm, what comes next? Monty Reid takes a look at the cake poem underway.

Peter Collected Works
Peter of Collected Works with a friendly halloo on his way to his booth. Is that Chris the Junior Bookstore Monkey in person?

Arc table magnetic poetry
And on the front side of the Arc table, free bilingual magnetic poetry set to play with.

Around the grounds, lots of news…and thousands of toddlers? A tricycle race and dry wading pool as a velodrome. And Wellington West has info on free bike clinics at Cyclelogik and Fresh Air Experience, RightBike rentals. Apparently some abandoned government buildings are being looked at for artist studio spaces. There’s a petition group to approve The Bayview Workshops. Credible Edibles next month is getting a side-shop of Hintonburg Pottery shop.

type on demand
This year anyone could try his or her hand at a poem.

poem interview spoken word
Brecken interviewed customers for what they wanted in their poem as the band took a break from music and brought out a few spoken word performances.

Arc sign
Proceeds went towards the 2013 Versefest and literacy programs.

P5267964Terry Ann
Brecken and Terry Ann compose drafts.

Montybardia's laptopme at typewriter
Monty, Bardia (on his laptop) and I are typing, or in my case, typ(o)ing.

custom poem
Here’s one I did given a quick interview and a few minutes on the fly to make a custom occasion poem. What a rush, in the adrenaline sense to dive in with a few details and design words to please in such a quick turnaround.

customer customer
A couple happy customers. Both said that they loved it. It was so special to make a custom poem like that. Anime movies I don’t know, vinyl figurines, favourite foods, colors, family member names, adjectives, things she collects, favorite types of animals, whatever one is offered, and on your mark, go.

You might remember that last year I was at the Arc Poetry Factory too. Any area poets with a bit of time can stop by without (necessarily) get wrangled into writing one.

drinks booth reading the artspark commissioned poem
Clare Latremouille serves up juice to the kids. L.M. Rochefort reads the commissioned poem to her customer.

Reverb syndicate
Reverb Syndicate played while being stage-dived by a most persistent toddler, regularly retrieved from behind the drum kit by one parent or another.

beadworks at ArtsPark
Over at the booths was BeadWorks which started in 2008 as part of Operation Come Home. My eye skipped past the jewelry to poetry from their Job Action Center. Hm, a poet from a 2009 Bywords reading has a chapbook out.

shawn macmillan’s laid out poems of “This & That” are within a photo collage that demonstrates understanding of photo/word pairings. They’re not duplicating and illustrating one another but doing what haiga is said to aim to do but usually fails at. They relate and yet you can’t say always exactly how they support it.

He has a poem for the shaggy mane mushroom, also called inkcap, which is one of my favorite mushrooms because of the ephemeralness, even for a mushroom. It dissolves, can be watches with our time scale as if in time-lapse. His poem “Coprinus comatus or my archetypal fungus” starts with an Audubon guide epigraph “Fragile as this mushroom is, it has the remarkable ability to push up through asphalt” and continues within the poem with,

an underground network
going unnoticed
expanding, beneath the surface

its fruiting body
fed by the rains
has enough force
to pry apart the paving

the shaggy mane mushroom
can grow up right through the streets

[…] each one a matchstick before the blaze

He’s got a wonderful musicality in his poems, such as the 4-page poem before it. Look at this excerpt,

yea, if I could only turn my face towards the sun

wilderness would make me a bear king

anoint me with a crown of daffodils
weaved from the cotton of milkweeds

safe in the arms of the holy ghost
          the animal god
the daylight
the moonshine
the warmth
the call of the nightingale
an old gaelic song from the highlands
a war cry
a lullaby

l’aube et crépuscule

the way things can change for the better

The power of the words, cadence, exaltation gives me a bad case of poem-envy. It’s why to go places and poke around on spec, to come across a find like that.

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