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Drum, no Hum: Kunundrum.

Peace and Environmental News is a bimonthly print and web newspaper put out by The Peace and Environment Resource Centre (PERC) is one of Ottawa’s longest-standing grassroots organizations. It champions all the common sense things that aren’t common enough like energy efficiency, cycling, saying no to pesticides and yes to better food network distribution, that sort of thing that needs a steady persistent reminders against those temporary old defaults of the last century. A century ago, we didn’t need the goal or word sustainable, it was rolled into how to live well. Anyway,

On Monday there’ll be a fundraiser for them as part of the reemergence of The Muses reading series. (Facebook event) It’ll be myself and a drum troupe.

The Muses poster

Kunundrum is a hand drumming group based in Ottawa. Members of Kunundrum practise and learn the art of hand drumming, and have been performing at charitable events in the region since 2006. Kunundrum focuses on African rhythms, and plays some Cuban and Haitian songs too.

I do love some good drumming. Hubby and I took a djembe course years ago which had 2 main upshots beyond orientation to the making of the instruments: 1) global admiration for music teachers who for the love of music and spreading the love endure rooms of newbies 2) by whacking my knuckles on the rim often enough I realized I may have dived in over my head. First listen to music, then make it.

Monday, June 25, 2012, 7 – 9 pm at the Elmdale House Tavern, 1084 Wellington Street West, Ottawa. It’ll be $8/pay what you can.

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