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Writing of Self vs. Everything Else

You can’t fully escape your own filters, but maybe you can expand yourself and your own understanding. I like the idea of journalism as poetry. The conscientious intensity and lack of dilution of poetry would improve the vagueness of journalism.

The setting outside oneself, being less egocentric might correlate to the occupational hazard and outcome of being overly terribly earnest, suicide. suicide:

The poets who committed suicide used many more first-person singular self-references such as “I,” “me” and “my” and fewer first-person plural words than did the non-suicidal poets.

Admittedly it is a small study. 18 people are not statistically valid even if it reported in a medical journal.

Using a computer program that examines word usage in written texts, the researchers analyzed 156 poems written by nine poets who committed suicide and 135 poems written by nine poets who did not.

Wonder what would be found, if randomness factor could be reduced down and if comparable results would be found. They call it a risk marker, not causal.

Still, It seems healthier to process millions of stories around oneself than to have the phaser always pointed inward on stun. People seem preoccupied with self-expression.

John Phillips at 0:45 does a poem about imitation and says “it’s at that point that you make a botch of everything that you are yourself.”

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