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Return of The Muses

On June 25th the Elmdale Tavern hosted the newly re-booting The Muses Reading Series.

It started in 2007 and was for a while at Rasputin’s Cafe. The series took hiatus and is now back with its 10th instalment, with an eye to continuing quarterly, each time combining two acts of the 9 Greek Muses.

Mike introducing Kunundrum
Organizer Mike Buckthought introduces the drum troupe Konundrum who played, danced and sang songs from South America and West Africa.

Here’s a photo Brian took of them. They alternately clap, hand-drum and use the sticks. There was also xylophone, shakers, cowbells and various things I didn’t recognize.

They did a set, I did a set of short story and poems then there was a break and more chatting among the around 3 dozen gathered. A few people who said they don’t read poetry but enjoyed that was gratifying. A few laughs where I’d hope there would be. (Phew. From reading to reading I don’t repeat material, unless I’m in another city but even then I try to not overlap too much.)

The Muses Reading Series
After break I read another set of new poems from the last couple months, then back to the drumming and about a dozen of us dancing. Glad I was urged to get up.

Kunundrum does about 10 events a year for charity groups who want a feature entertainment. Pssst…if you’re looking, they’re a wonderful upbeat energizing group.

2 more pics by Brian.

A big thanks to Mike for getting this series going again.

The donations at door brought in $172 for the Peace and Environmental News Centre, one of Ottawa’s longest standing grassroots organizations covering things like food policy, water, greening spaces in a constant push over decades. Great cause, great night.

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